Friday, January 1, 2010

Kansas December 9-16th

I was so happy to see my little Lucas. We got into town on my birthday, which was the bestest birthday presente ever.  I got off the airplane to Lucas holding a flower and a balloon for me. It melted my heart.

While we were there we did a lot of relaxing, eating delish food Tiff made us, watched movies, played with Lucas, had a little Christmas, went out, slept, etc. etc. etc.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.
Sorry there are so few, but Tiff & I both realized we brought our camera's out FAR too little.

These are from the night we went out dancing @ Grand Slam. We had a blast getting ready this day. Tiff and I did our make up kind of crazy, and had been goofing around with hair and make up for most of the day.. Just like old times :)

As you can see, we got the party started before we even left the house.

Here are some pictures that are more christmas-oriented:

Some Randoms:

Last of all, Pictures from the last day @ the airport.
Lucas was being so cute this day... Running around the airport, screaming happy sounds, loving on us, being silly. It made it hard to leave. I was happy to see him at his finest right before we left though.

So sad to not be with them every day. Looking forward to their next visit out here.
Lucas is the most beautiful, smart, adorable, hilarious young man you could imagine. He is curious about everything, loves music, loves to dance, loves to love, loves to cuddle. I miss him very much already. A week was just not long enough...

Lucas, Tiff & Greg- We miss you guys. Thanks for having us at your home.