Friday, January 1, 2010

Hasta 2009

2009 was full of life changing things.
I will try to put these in order of the way they happened, but not really sure if its realistic to assume I have the memory to do so.

Jan-April- Can't honestly think of much that happened in these months...

May- John and I took a trip to South Beach. We loved it. Beautiful weather, beautiful beach, good shopping, food, drinks, etc. etc.

June- Tiff & Lucas arrived in town, John & I graduated from the UO, Dad & Barb got married.

July- Lucas turned 1... Big Celebration.

August- Mike & Kris get married.

September- I get a promotion to THERAPIST... Cruise to Mexico..

October- I get moved into the Phoenix Program- I LOVE IT HERE!!!

December- Trip to Kansas.

2009 was busy. Undeniably busy. Stressful busy. Fun busy.

Well, I have declared more than once that I was going to update my blog of things that happened over the last year..

So, here is one last blog having anything to do with 2009... Then, clean slate for 2010.

I believe things that need to be addressed are as follows:

New Years Resolutions