Sunday, August 30, 2009

Field of Dreams

John and I exploring fun new locations for my photography clients & goofing off (serious modeling) while we were there:


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Summer is winding down, and my last post was just shy of twenty days. I am left wondering to myself how it could already be zeroing in on SEPTEMBER, and my summer has nearly vanished before my very own eyes.

Here is the low down on what has been going on:

Kristen & Michael Rott's: pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding festivities. August 13th 14th and 15th- Portland.

Fair- Down town Eugene= corn dogs & people watching

Work- averaging 55 hours/week.

Photography- Spent this most recent weekend finishing editing Carley and Tom's wedding photos and distributing them.

MG's birthday- Southern style BBQ & a night of dancing until the town closed down.

Saw Gran & Gramp's new house & visited with them which was long overdue.

Anniversary- celebrating 4 years: after a LONG day of work for both of us we went to TCBY got a .99 cone saw friends, followed by splitting a VERY late dinner from hodgepodge and watching Scrubs @ home.

Started my NEW job- I am now seeing individuals and families as a therapist.

John & I started running again- hurray for us.

Planning our road-trip to CA for the cruise that we will be leaving for in some 23 days..

Here is what we have NOT been doing:
Grocery Shopping
Spending time with Family
Being good dog parents
Relaxing at home

Good thing we are young and have energy for this kinda lifestyle. I hope that fall brings a much slower pace and some balance into our lives.

Some funny pictures of bowling @ the pre-wedding festivities:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Running away... for the day

We're pretty realistic. We know that everyone gets downtrodden at work and with the small day to day bugaboos. So really we feel pretty fortunate that we get to escape every now and then. That's what we're doing tonight.

For my (John) birthday last November, Mark and Barb got me a gift certificate at the Fireside Motel. *gasp* Yeah that's right, I got a gift certificate for a motel waaaaaay back in November and haven't gotten around to using it until now. That should spell just how busy life gets. At first it was Mr. Wolverine and I kept telling Taylor we'd go as soon as that was over, then there was always work in the way, board meetings, wedding/bachelor or bachelorette party prep, one of us was always doing something and we couldn't even spare a night to drive out to Yachats for a peaceful getaway. Well that time is now, and we're gay about it.

I (Taylor) am mostly gay about playing "Deal or No Deal" at the casino on the way. And having a night away from our dogs (even as much as I love them, they are often times a pain in the ass). It is really quite exciting that following this getaway I have a 4 day work-week next week and a two night stay in Portland with my BFF's the following weekend.

Pictures to come! For now, Hannah Montana is on tv...

Taylor & John

Monday, August 3, 2009

a LADY GAGA affair...

In honor of Kristen's soon to be married status, and me being her MOH... It is only mathematically and ergonomically correct that the biggest party on the face of the earth was thrown in her honor of being single for only a short short time longer. To do this the best way I knew how was a. in costume b. out of own c. with a limo d. with lots of booes, and e. with a hotel so no one has to go home in shit-wrecked state of mind.

So, without divulging too many details, here is the low-down
honorary bachelorette party games
macaroni grill for dinner
hotel for getting ready/drinking
limo= more drinking
Envy club= drinking, dancing, puking, fighting, getting kicked out
All over downtown Portland & waterfront= meeting strangers, trying to skinny dip in the river... etc.
Hotel room= ordered pizza @ 3:00 am & watched an "involuntary" voluntary stripper... HAHA

Those are all the details you will get.. And few pictures-